Forbes: 2015 Investment Guide Featuring Media Society Investing in Movies

Edited by Janet Novack and Matt Schifrin | Forbes Magazine

Media Society Featured in Forbes Magazine's 2015 Investment Guide: Road Map To Riches.

To help you make your money work harder, we've highlighted the strategies and ideas of more than a dozen Unknown All-Stars of personal finance--homespun heroes who have cut out the middlemen and bested the pros in investing, real estate, tax planning and philanthropy. We also offer advice on becoming an armchair movie mogul, finding bargains in energy partnerships, parking your money in a "can't lose" bond fund and more.

Which assets should you spend first in retirement to cut your family's tax bill? How can you earn 5% refinancing the student loans of your fellow alumni? We'll tell you. Finally, before you buy your next house, read our report on the revival and transformation of America's suburbs. You've resolved to have a prosperous 2015. Here's how to make it happen.