Technology That Makes Everything that Rotates Much More Efficient

By Fred Zucker |

Inventors have been striving for centuries to create a perpetual motion machine, and the most common approach has been to use an unbalanced wheel. The idea is that by changing the weight distribution on a rotating wheel one could keep that wheel moving continuously. Unfortunately, the laws of thermodynamics ensure that energy is lost in any such transaction, rendering the pursuit of perpetual motion moot. However, the principles of weight distribution and balance in a rotating wheel turn out to have a tremendous impact on how efficiently a wide variety of modern machines operate.

In this article, we will take a look at one company, Perpetual Industries Inc. (OTC: PRPI), which has developed a technology capable of greatly increasing the efficiency and life span of many industrial machines.

XYO® Mechanical Balancer

We are all familiar with the effects of an improperly balanced rotating device or component. An imbalanced load in the washing machine will generally get our attention, as will an automobile tire that produces a shimmy as we drive. Such imbalances create vibration, which leads to all kinds of problems including increased wear, inefficiency, heat and noise.

Perpetual Industries’ patented XYO® Mechanical Balancer is uniquely designed to fix these problems. Basically, the balancer is installed on the rotating axis and has a movable mass inside. The weight is distributed automatically to compensate for the imbalance, creating a smoother rotation.

The company’s invention has the significant advantage of being adaptable. When automobiles tires are balanced, weights are applied to the rim of the wheels to compensate for any imperfections. Unfortunately these imbalances change as the car is driven but the weights do not. The XYO technology adapts to changing conditions to provide a longer lasting adjustment.

A Wide Variety of Applications

In addition to the two applications mentioned above (washing machines, automobiles), Perpetual’s technology can be applied across a surprising number of industries. Here is a short list, not comprehensive by any means:


  • Household products: washing machines, grass and weed trimmers, and power tools (angle grinders)
  • Heavy transportation and trucking parts: wheels, clutch fans, and drive shafts
  • Motorcycles: crankshaft flywheels on V-twin engines
  • Marine applications: boat propellers for commercial and personal watercraft
  • Natural resources applications: oil, gas, mining and agricultural
  • Power generation applications: electric motors, wind energy
  • Aviation applications: aircraft propellers and motor components
  • Pump, Compressor and Turbine applications: down-hole, submersible and water pumps, and refrigeration compressors

The company has documented and quantified some of the benefits of various applications. In washing machines vibration was decreased by 89%, spin speed increased 29 rpm, and power consumption decreased 43% during the spin cycle. In refrigeration compressors vibration decrease 85% while energy efficiency increased 25%. In trolling motors for boats vibration decreased 41% and battery life increased 19%.

Perpetual’s plan is to seek out joint venture partners in a number of industry segments where its technology can lead to lower-cost, more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible products. Though the company has designed its own washing machine with the hopes of reinventing that market, similar to the way Dyson has revolutionized vacuum cleaners, it is impractical to create new products in every industry. A future plan to license the technology to partners makes sense.

To that end, the company has been advancing products and applications through the various stages of development, from idea through patenting and prototyping to optimization, and ultimately commercialization. The boat propeller application is ready for sale into the after market. An angle grinder has been designed and is close to production. Perpetual is poised to move in the wind turbine and performance racing markets. As the company secures channel distribution and joint venture partnerships more applications will move into the commercialization phase.

Looking Ahead

Perpetual Industries is a young company with a revolutionary idea that is applicable across many large markets. From power tools to electric motors to wind energy to aircraft, there are a lot of rotating parts that could benefit from this adaptable balancing technology. Investors may want to keep an eye on the company as it moves forward with plans for commercialization across industries.