PR Newswire: Glass Elevator Names Azure Antoinette Chief Marketing Officer

Azure Antoinette

Azure Antoinette

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORKJuly 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Glass Elevator Media, a creative content incubator, announced today that it has named Azure Antoinette its Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Antoinette will oversee aspects of online and offline marketing for the Company and Glass Elevator brands including She's So BossViewur, and Real Talk. Antoinette will also participate in creative decisions around the marketing of film and television properties, music and publishing, and live events.

Antoinette, a poet, spoken-word artist and arts education advocate, gained early recognition as a defining voice of the millennial generation. She has traveled around the world speaking and inspiring audiences with her perceptive, eloquent and incisive poetry and prose. Before corporate executives at Re/code, an independent technology news and events site, management retreats, and commencement audiences, Antoinette is shaping our dialogue on technology, media and humanity.

From her recent piece Algorithm:

I knew that this was a problem back when RIM and blackberry ruled the earth
I knew that the sensation that I got from that red blinking light
Signifying that I have new emails
It should never have moved me the way it did

I miss our human commitment to excellence
I miss when a wedding proposal wasn't a viral flash mob
I miss days when we worked tirelessly to find 230 Nigerian girls
I miss when we didn't let the Kanye Kim wedding overshadow the fact that we still haven't found the Malaysian flight

I am not going backwards
I just wish we could maybe slow it down
And the algorithm could rest a second

Adrienne Becker, Founder of Glass Elevator Media, said, "I have been fortunate to meet countless creative forces in my career but none as clear minded and as able to translate ideas into words which inspire action as Azure. Creative content must strive to move people and this is what Azure does best."

Antoinette said, "Being a creative is something that I consider to be sheer fortune, but being able to curate spaces to empower others to be creative, artistic and helping to harness the amplification of the human voice, that is an honor. I look forward to expanding the creative presence of Glass Elevator - I am confident that I can bring even more vibrancy and color to a burgeoning brand that is full of tremendous global reach, but especially loud with the millennial and Generation Y demographic. I am ecstatic to re-enter corporate America at this time in my career; this is a phenomenal way to re-emerge back into the spectrum that gave me my start as a young adult."

Glass Elevator Media ( is a creative content incubator, sourcing, securing and developing a co-owned intellectual property library including YouTube stars Katie Goodman, Park Slopers' Broad Comedy, She's So Boss with Jacqueline Emerson, Real Talk with Devin Lytle, Kidnapping for Jesus by Elizabeth Rodgers, The Supermarket by Rhonda Mitrani, the musical Friends Like These, last work-shopped at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles, and a new online and mobile social content platform called Viewur. Glass Elevator is subsidiary of Killer Content, Inc. (, an emerging leader in entertainment for the multi-platform age, investing in a curated group of creators and brands at the intersection of professional storytelling and technology. The company includes Killer Films and Union Entertainment Group in addition to Glass Elevator.