Hedge Crunch Financial: Investing in Star Appeal

Wade Bradley, CEO of Media Society 

Wade Bradley, CEO of Media Society 

By Debbie Jacobs | Hedge Crunch Financial

Some investors simply want more for their money than just more money. One way to get a nice return on investment while also rubbing shoulders with celebrities is through a firm called “Media Society.” Based in Los Angeles and launched in 2012, Media Society allows investors to be part of the thrill of Hollywood and also get as much as a 20 percent annualized return on their investment.

Wade Bradley is the CEO of this non-traditional investing platform. He was a commodities trader and venture capitalist until he got into the “investing with the stars” business. Helen Rosenberg is the company’s CFO, who used to work for Barry Diller at Universal Studios and Nielson. Bradley explained that Media Society covers the costs of production, and only will work with the best producers.

Production just finished on a film produced by Donna Gigliotti of “Shakespeare in Love” fame. The new film, “Big Stone Gap” features Ashley Judd, Whoopi Goldberg, Jenna Elfman and Patrick Wilson. At the moment Media Society has a romantic comedy and horror movie in the pipeline to production. Investors can expect big names associated with this film as well.

Investors with Media Society are individuals with $2.5 million net worth or above. They can be financial industry executives, real estate developers, or even professionals from the health care sector. The minimum investment is $150,000, with a target of 30 to 60percent yield during a 36-month time frame.

Better than the return is the added bonus of getting to go to some major Hollywood events with the celebrities and other VIPs involved in the production of the films. Media Society lets its “members” hob-nob with the stars of the entertainment industry.