New York Post: Case In Points

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

By Julie Earle-Levine | New York Post

Viggle, the entertainment rewards platform that allows viewers to “check in” to their favorite TV shows to earn points, is expanding its rewards to include e-books and audio books.

The New York company has movies and TV shows to rent or own and 7 million tracks of music in its loyalty program for entertainment. “The premise is you are already watching TV, you might as well get something back,” Greg Consiglio,Viggle’s president, told Julie Earle-Levine.

Viggle finalized a deal to get titles from all major publishers for Monday’s launch.

Viggle will offer 65,000 audio books and 460,000 e-books for which users can trade in points. Users earn points by watching shows, including the latest season available on pay-TV of “Modern Family,” featuring Sofia Vergara.

Every show watched gives you a point per minute. The company has already given away more than $20 million in rewards points. Audio books start as low as 13,000 points, and Viggle has a daily cap of 11,000 points.