East Coast Power & Gas Buys BluCo Energy Customer Book From Vantage Commodities

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - November 23, 2015) - East Coast Power & Gas, an energyservices company (ESCO) founded in 2008, serving natural gaselectricity and renewable sources of energy to both residential and commercial customers in New York State, announced today that it has purchased the BluCo Energy customer book, a competing ESCO, from Vantage Commodities. The book contains customer contracts for both electricity and natural gas supply in New York State. 

Vincent Palmieri, COO of East Coast Power & Gas, said, "We are extremely excited to add these assets from BluCo Energy to our growing book of business. We see them as a complement to our supply footprint and accretive to our financial results. We welcome our new customers and look forward to having them join the East Coast family. We will continue to assess the best strategies to continue growing our company and brand and providing our customers with the best products and services."

About East Coast Power & Gas

East Coast Power & Gas, the official energy supplier to the New York Mets, is an energy services company founded in 2008, serving natural gas, electricity and renewable sources of energy to both residential and commercial customers in New York. East Coast Power & Gas operates behind Central Hudson, Consolidated Edison, National Grid (Brooklyn Union Gas), National Grid Long Island, Niagara Mohawk and Orange & Rockland utilities. The company leverages its management team's extensive experience to operate more efficiently than its competitors to preserve margin on supply contracts allowing for the most competitive products and prices. It is the one-stop solution for all energy needs. For more information, visit: https://www.ecpowerandgas.com/ or contact: info@ecpowerandgas.com/800-545-9155.