Corporate Branding

A compelling corporate brand drives sales and influences the way investors, shareholders, corporate partners, media, and the public view a company or an individual. We work closely with our clients to develop and manage a corporate brand that is convincing and thoughtful. We specialize in creating strategic positioning campaigns to shape a company's image to its targeted audiences.

Content Creation

Custom editorial services is our specialty. We have experienced writers who have written for global media publications, research firms and marketing companies. We offer content in these areasSpeeches, Opinion Pieces, Press Releases, Corporate Profiles, Press Kits, Website Content, Blogs, Social Media, Custom Articles, White Papers and Marketing Materials.

Media Relations

The value of positive press cannot be underestimated. We have a strong network of global media contacts and experienced media people on the team. We know how to create and execute a media strategy that promotes a client’s message and gets maximum exposure in television, mainstream press, industry trades, blogs and social media. We also provide a media training program so clients are fully prepared to have the most successful interaction with the press.

Social Media 

We work with our clients to build a dynamic social media strategy as part of a comprehensive communications campaign. Utilizing social media platforms is essential for businesses to engage and connect with their customers, investors and partners. We develop social media strategies that are targeted, effective and timely; complimenting a client's overall media campaign. We believe in the value of positioning your message across both traditional and non-traditional marketing venues.

Thought Leadership

At Smash Street Media, we are committed to creating thought leaders. We believe everyone has an opportunity to distinguish themselves and make an impact in their respective industries. We partner with our clients to create a comprehensive communications strategy that takes a proactive approach to promoting thought leadership through insightful content such as Op-Eds and byline articles, targeted media interviews, and public speaking engagements. We help you deliver your message as an authority and get recognized for your expertise.

Crisis Communications

In today's era where a single Tweet can severely damage a company’s reputation, we advise clients on how to build and maintain a positive reputation. We create strategies to mitigate risks to a corporate brand and help executives navigate through crisis situations. We also develop effective communications campaigns to raise a corporate profile and advise clients on taking a proactive or reactive strategy in corporate messaging. Reputation management is at the heart of every strategy and we work vigorously to protect and enhance our client’s brand.